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Sunland Village Arts and Craft League

Is your craft room too full of old projects?
Did you change directions or stop all-together?
Here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.
The annual Sunland Village Trash and Treasures Craft Rummage Sale.
It’s coming up in September.
It’s an all indoor event. We provide the tables too!
At the end of the event Sunshine Acres Children’s home will be on hand
to take away anything you don’t want to haul back home.
It couldn’t be any easier.
We’ll have a hot dog vendor and frozen yogurt truck in case you get hungry.
Space is limited so sign up for your table today!
Click on the “Crafters wanted” page for your application,
Don’t wait too long, we are already over half full!


Projects and fees change weekly
Email for info eduns59@msn.com
YEAR ROUND, WED. 3 – 5 PM Room 9

Crochet and Knitting Group

All experience levels
Year round group
Also in Room 9
Wed, 3-5pm

NEW Watercolor Workshop

TUES 1- 3 pm  Room 9

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and stay up to date on our events!

Upcoming events:
Trash and Treasures Craft Rummage Sale, Sept 22nd

Nov 17th 2018 Fall Craft Show

MAR. 2 2019 Spring Craft Show

April 13 2019 Evening Craft Walk

SEPT 21 2019 Trash and Treasures Craft Rummage Sale

NOV 16 2019 Fall Craft Show